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Shanghai Hua’an Financial Consulting Co,.LTD
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 Auditing Business

We provide statutory audit,capital verification,special auditing services which are required by the Chinese CPA for domestic and foreign companies, enterprises and non-legal entities.
1. Annual Accounting Statement Auditing
2. Foreigner Owned Enterprises Annual Accounts Auditing and Inspection on Financial Statements
3. The municipal and district institutions financial report audit and department final accounting report audit 
4. The municipal and district institutions assets investigation and economic appraisal audit
5. Special audit of Shanghai Equity Trusteeship Trading Center listed 
6. Special audit of limited company restructuring
7. Special audit of company acquisitions, restructuring, transaction
8. The company assets and capital verification audit
9. The company liquidation audit
10. Different kinds of financial expenditure performance evaluation
11. Organizations of all types and levels due diligence
12. Economic responsibility audit
13. Special Items Audit

 Managerial Consultant Business

1. Our consultants of different industries will better understand the financial needs and unique disposition of clients, to use correctly and effectively data to provide clients with the related services of marketing growth ,to help you achieve with relatively small input for the best reward goal.
2. Company Registration, Reorganization Merger and Reorganization, Mergers and Acquisitions Consultant
3. Company Loans, Personal Financial Consultant
4. Investment Project Introduction, Development Planning
5. Enterprise and Financial Management Investigation, Enterprises Research
6. Review Feasibility Plan, Investment Returns Analysis
7. Accountant Auditing Consultant, Financial Health Diagnosis
8. Review Company Economic Contracts
9. To Participate in the Enterprise Dissolved, or Bankruptcy Liquidation Matters, As the Liquidation Institution Members 
10. Participate in Enterprise Economic Dispute Mediation

 Tax Agency Services

We use effective tax service network, great relationships of people, design the tax convenient solution for customers that will save time, and improve efficiency
1. Assist for Taxation Registration, Modify Registration, Cancellation of Registration
2. To act on behalf of enterprises to declare taxation (including nonresident enterprise)
3. Agent tax and tax refund formalities
4. Agent apply tax breaks and other preferential tax
5. Agent tax administrative reconsideration, coordination of tax disputes
6. Agent tax related instruments
7. Agent apply for the qualification of the general taxpayer
8. Financial and tax due diligence
9. Other agency business of tax that the State Administration of taxation provisions

 Accounting Consulting Services

1. Our Accounting Experts who have rich experience with solid exercise and rich practical experience, according to the enterprise accounting procedures and accounting methods, process flows, statement types, enterprise management needs to solve all accouting problems of customer.
2. Financial Software Data Initial Design
3. Cleaning Up Chaos Accounts
4. Bookkeeping
5. Prepare All Kinds of Financial Statements
6. Financial Statement Analysis

 Tax Consulting Services

1. Senior tax advisers will also systematically arrange enterprises management or investment behavior in advance. According to the customers management characteristics of enterprise management, use tax regulations provided all preferential. So our customers will obtain the greatest tax benefits.
2. to design tax planning of investment and financial management in enterprise
3. Saving tax cost, due to tax plan design
4. To ensure tax expenditure accuracy, timeliness and rationality
5. To plan tax adjustment of special item
6. Assist enterprise restructuring, reorganization, division, planning
7. To assess enterprise tax and inspect tax risk
8. Other tax related matter

 Professional Tutor Services

1. Professional tutor team use professional knowledge and practical experience, providing training and help,during the process of financial budget, cash flow management and business strategy, to accomplish outstanding financier for enterprise.
2. Basic Accounting
3. Financial Management
4. Computerized Accounting
5. Tax Accounting
6. Internal Auditing

 Tax verification
1. Enterprise income tax amount
2. Enterprise pre tax offset losses
3. Land value-added tax liquidation
4. Income tax deduction of assets loss
5. Income tax deduction of research and development expense
6. Income tax deduction of accumulate depreciation or amortization
7. Income tax return of liquidation
8. Enterprises preferential tax
9. To clear of registration tax of cancellation
10. Preparation of transfer pricing contemporaneous documents
11. Other tax related business that the State Administration of Taxation provisions

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